a ministry of Open Bible Baptist Church
"Excellence through Christ"
June 27, 2018
Dear Friends and Family of  The Baptist School,

      The Baptist School was founded in 1992 by Dr. Robert M. Neisen. Dr. Neisen had a burden for the founding of a Christian school that had as its mission, Jesus Christ as its center, the Bible as its main textbook, salvation for all students, and a high quality education preparing them for their eternal and temporal future. For over 25 years, The Baptist School has accomplished that goal. The Baptist School has always striven to provide this education at a reasonable and affordable price never compromising on the education of its students. We are so thankful for the many students and families who have trusted us and have allowed their children to be part of The Baptist School family.
     Unfortunately, the current enrollment along with teacher retirements do not allow for The Baptist School to stay operational. Therefore, this notice is to inform you of the closing of The Baptist School as of June 26, 2018.
     We have agonized and prayed over this decision but there comes a time when God closes one door to open another. We realize that this decision affects each and every family. We pray that you grant us the grace to know that we truly have no other course of action at this time. We have been blessed by the faithfulness and loyalty of our current families and their children, whom we have come to love. You have shown the character of true Christ-like Christians. I have always felt that your children will excel in whatever school they are in, because of you and your strong Christian conviction and faithfulness to Christ.
     If you enroll your child/children in a Christian school, The Bison Fund is still available to you and you simply contact The Bison Fund to make them aware of which school your children will be attending.
     As this chapter of our lives closes, and a new chapter begins, we pray that you and your family are blessed in all you do and that God’s hand is in all of your future endeavors. I will be available to help you with any questions or concerns, as you and your children move forward into this new adventure.  Ephesians 4:1-6


Scott F. Tracey